Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Airborne Operation’s aviation solutions are supported by an international network of maintenance facilities that are staffed by highly qualified, experienced maintenance personnel. They have the capability to perform full cycle maintenance on all the fixed and rotary wing aircraft we offer. Our mechanics and technicians keep mission aircraft flying at peak performance and their ability to perform simple and complex maintenance procedures around the clock reduces down time. Our ability to conduct maintenance on-site, in remote areas and under difficult conditions is a distinguishing hallmark of our organization. We can initiate rapid dispatch of maintenance personnel when response time is critical to mission success. All maintenance work performed by our service providers conforms to strict OEM standards. Our ability to perform high quality aircraft maintenance throughout the world ensures government agencies and civilian organizations that we can be trusted to equip their missions with fully functional, safe and reliable aircraft.

Experience and Services

  • Decades of continuous operational experience
  • Over 8500 aircraft have been serviced by our providers
  • More than 40 maintenance stations strategically located around the world
  • Routine and heavy maintenance

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