Operations Setup in Remote Locations

Operations Setup in Remote Locations

Certain military and civilian missions require various types of remote operations assistance and support that can be managed by an Airborne Operations command team. Our specialized knowledge and experience in remote location operations set-up can significantly accelerate response time and mobilization efforts. Our supply chain has supported military operations and humanitarian relief projects in regions around the world including remote locales that are difficult to access. Our global supply chain network is highly integrated and fully functional at the time of contracting which reduces mobilization and train-up time to an effective minimum.

Selected Services

  • Facility planning, design, construction and management
  • Personnel housing and related daily living services
  • Conventional and auxiliary power supply
  • IT and communications
  • Fuel, warehousing and security
  • Food storage and preparation
  • Waste management services
  • Fitness and recreational amenities
  • Language and translation services

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January 19th, 2017

A bright winter day in the Redwood National Forest

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