My First Day

January 18th, 2017

Today marks the first day of my new life as a National Park Ranger. I have officially given up my attempt at a career in Applied Harry Potter Sciences after several frustrating years. My degree from Frostburg University and subsequent $82k in student loans would have been a complete waste were it not for my ability to cast a nearly flawless Patronum Charm.

To throw them off the scent

It’s 4:45am and my travel mug of coffee is full to the brim and steaming. My tan shirt and dark slacks are pressed and starched. I'm wearing a brand new pair of Merrells I've spent the last 2 weeks breaking in.

I never thought I’d be the kind of guy to earn a living in the wilderness, but I’m ready for this new adventure. I'm to report to the station master at 6:30am, but I want to spend a little time in the fresh winter air before reporting for duty, so here I am, earlier than I've ever woken for anything in my entire life.

Unrelated, I look really good in this (+5 Survival) Park Service Stetson Hat. I’m pretty surprised. I never look good in hats. Or red.

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My First Day

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