Aircraft Overview

ATR-72 is one of a family of twin turboprop passenger and freighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Avions de Transport Regional (ATR). The aircraft is certified for low external noise performance according to FAR Part 36 and CH.3 ICAO Annex 16, ensuring compliance well within the current and CH.4 noise regulations. The 500 series features the lowest fuel consumption per passenger and CO2 emissions of regional aviation craft. It was first certified in July 1997.

  • 50,265 lbs MTOW
  • 278 knots Speed
  • 15,873 lbs Cargo
  • 25,000 ft Ceiling
  • 1,000 nmi Range
  • 2/70 PAX

Technical Capabilities

The ATR-72 carries up to 16,534 lbs (7,500 kg) of revenue payload. The seating capacity of ATR-72 is 64 passengers and its cruise speed is 265 knots (490 km/hour). The ATR-72 is a twin-engine turboprop airliner, which means that it’s powered by quiet and efficient propellers rather than turbojets. This makes it ideal for shorter flights where speeds below 725 km/h are required. The engines are manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada.

50,265 lbs
278 knots
15,873 lbs
25,000 ft
1,000 nmi

Mission Profile

ATR-72 is suitable for commercial passenger and cargo transportation. ATR-72 is used for short runways.

Models & Modifications

Both variants powered by two PW124B engines.
ATR-72-101 / ATR-72-102
Both variants are powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B engines rates at 2,400 shp (1,800 kW).
ATR-72-201 / ATR-72-202
Both variants are powered by PW127 engines producing 2,750 shp (2,050 kW) each.
ATR-72-211 / ATR-72-212
Both variants are fitted either with PW127F or PW127M engines each.
ATR-72-500 / ATR-72-600
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