Aircraft Overview

The An-74 is a Ukrainian transport two-engine aircraft, developed by the Antonov Design Bureau. The An-74 was initially an upgrade of the An-72 test aircraft, intended to be used in the Arctic and had the designation An-72A “Arctic”. Key to its design are many features introduced in this aircraft to maximize short take-off and landing (STOL) from airfields. An-74 is adapted to land and depart at airports inaccessible to other aircraft.

  • 80,469 lbs MTOW
  • 472 knots Speed
  • 22,046 lbs Cargo
  • 33,137 ft Ceiling
  • 2,160 nmi Range
  • 5/52 PAX

Technical Capabilities

The An-74 carries up to 11,023 lbs (5,000 kg) of payload. The seating capacity of An-74 is 52 passengers and its cruise speed is 447 knots (720 km/hour). This unit is equipped with reliable D-37-4A engines.

80,469 lbs
472 knots
22,046 lbs
33,137 ft
2,160 nmi

Mission Profile

The aircraft’s main purpose is to deliver cargo, equipment and personnel over short- and medium-range routes in any climatic conditions ranging from -76 F to 113 F (-60 C to 45 C) and at any latitude, including the North Pole, and high altitudes. It can operate to and from low grade airstrips such as concrete, pebble, ice and snow aerodromes. The aircraft may also be used for highly specialized operations including but not limited to pilotage and vessel escort; establishing and servicing of drifting stations; research operations in Arctic or Antarctic regions; visual ice patrol; fishery reconnaissance.

Models & Modifications

Freighter version equipped with an internal winch, roller equipment and cargo mooring points. It can also be fitted with static lines for paratroops or dropping air cargo. An-74T variants include An-74T-100, An-74-100, An-74-200.
Variants fitted with a navigator station.
An-74-100 and Ant-74T-100
Military transport based on the An-74T.
Convertible passenger/cargo model that can be equipped for up to 52 passengers, all cargo or a mix of the two. An-74-TK variants include An-74TK-100, An-74TK-200, An-74TK-300, An-74Tk-300D, An-74-400.
Marine patrol version with a capacity for 44 soldiers, 22 paratroops, 16 stretchers with medical staff or ten tons of cargo.
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