Aerial Surveillance

Aerial Surveillance

Airborne Operations assists government agencies and civilian organizations with aerial surveillance missions. We have the specialized equipment and flight crew capabilities to perform high quality aerial surveillance and reconnaissance services in any region of the world from urban locales to remote, difficult to reach terrains. We provide rapid response and can operate day and night in extreme weather and climatic conditions. Our aircraft offer the advantages of flexible payload capacities for surveillance equipment and mission personnel.

Services Include

  • Power line and pipeline inspection
  • Aerial infrared thermal imaging
  • Aerial crop surveys
  • Low or high altitude aerial photography
  • Search and rescue support
  • Cell tower inspections
  • Hunting and game management
  • Forest fire detection and monitoring
  • Coordinating humanitarian aid
  • Land surveys
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Roadway, bridge and railway inspections
  • Video photography
  • Pipelines (for leaks and illegal tapping)
  • Power transmission grids
  • Road infrastructure

airborne operations

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My First Day

January 18th, 2017

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July 31st, 2017

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