Communication with Customers

Communication with Customers

A distinctive benefit of Airborne Operations’ streamlined sourcing platform is advanced communications that enable government agencies and civilian organizations to conduct mission activities with greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. Our lean infrastructure eliminates unnecessary or redundant administrative barriers and provides more direct access to command decision-makers. We improve contract management efficiencies by providing timely, accurate mission status reports. Our proactive reporting support also includes but is not limited to the monitoring of ongoing projects with regular status updates. All communications between Airborne Operations command, local resources and the mission personnel that rely upon us are direct, clear and consistent. If communications issues or challenges arise, we provide swift, proactive response at every level of our organization.

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My First Day

January 18th, 2017

The beginning of something new and exciting. It's a whole new world.


July 31st, 2017

I was several minutes into a frantic panic scramble for help before I remember that I, Niles, am the one who helps.

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