Project management

Airborne Operations offers full scale project management support with a special emphasis on end-to-end mission planning. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your mission requirements to determine the scope and type of support required for your field operations. For operations conducted in conflict or disaster zones, we prepare action plans that take into consideration the exceptional circumstances and conditions the mission geography presents. When events occur worldwide that impact American, allied or humanitarian interests, Airborne Operations is distinctive in our ability to provide the strategic and tactical mission planning support that makes success not only possible, but probable. Unparalleled coordination of all mission planning components is a hallmark of our reputation for mission planning excellence.

Mission Planning

Airborne Operations supports the missions of government agencies and civilian organizations by seamlessly integrating a broad spectrum of aviation equipment, support services and logistics know-how into our project management systems.

Coordination and Execution

Our project management team evaluates your mission requirements, site conditions, access to essential resources and facility infrastructures. We perform risk assessments, survey airport capabilities and conduct related site activities to provide mission team members at command offices and in the field with guidance on project execution. We work closely with your operations staff to assure the staging of project implementation coincides with the schedules and costs agreed upon in the contract.

Communication with Customers

All communications between Airborne Operations command, local resources and the entities and people that rely upon them are timely, direct, clear and consistent.

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Personnel Management

We provide personnel management services such as security, emergency response, travel documentation, transportation and other HR services not provider covered.

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Compliance and Supervision

We apply and monitor our stringent organizational safety and compliance protocols across our entire supply chain network to assure missions operate in accordance with all applicable U.S. laws and local regulations.

Quality Control/Flight Safety

Airborne Operations has implemented quality assurance and safety management systems that are designed to maximize the effectiveness of mission operations and the safety of the people we serve.

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Administration and Support

We provide a broad array of administrative services that support every phase of mission operations. Our dedicated team of administrative specialists assist in areas that include but are not limited to security clearances, identification documents, facility access cards, accounting, logistics support, records management, language services and more.

Dealing with Local Authorities

Our hands-on experience working with foreign governments and local authorities keeps your mission in compliance with all laws and regulations specific to the theater of operations.

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General Administration

Airborne Operations’ administrative personnel perform a broad range of nuanced administrative activities that are essential to mission success.

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Obtaining Visas/ID Cards

We assign professional visa and passport specialists to assist with the application and acquisition of all official documentation required for approved transport to locations of field operations.

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Translation/Language Training

We provide high quality translation services in hundreds of languages.

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