Aviation services

We provide non-combat aviation capabilities that safely and efficiently transport personnel and cargo to mission locales worldwide including regions with complex terrains and extreme operational environments.

Core transportation services

Airborne Operations’ highly integrated global supply chain provides the most comprehensive range of conventional and non-standard fixed and rotary wing aviation solutions available today.

Air cargo charter and heavy lift

We offer rapid response air transport for vital mission cargo wherever and whenever its needed.

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Passenger transportation

We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety of the civilian and armed forces personnel we are entrusted to serve.

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Ground services

Our global network of operators provide comprehensive ground support capabilities that are functionally linked, fully operational and mission ready at the time of procurement. Localized knowledge and resources help government agencies and civilian organizations navigate diverse nuances specific to each region of operation.

Aircraft/Shipboard Delivery

Airborne Operations provides a broad range of Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP) capabilities including ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore supply operations.

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Ground Handling

We provide a full range of ground handling services that support mission flight operations from landing to take-off.

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Last Mile Logistics

We provide efficient, expeditious last mile transportation resources that deliver vital mission supplies to their final destination.

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Operations Setup in Remote Locations

Our operators are in place and fully functional across many regions of the world, allowing for rapid forward deployment.

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Specialty services

Airborne Operations provides specialized aviation solutions for missions that require extraordinary skills, equipment and support. We have the capabilities to move people and cargo safely and efficiently under exceptional circumstances and conditions.

Emergency Evacuation

When CASEVAC and MEDEVAC response is required, Airborne Operations can extricate people and patients for transport to secure destinations worldwide.

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Hazardous Materials

When cargo is hazardous or requires precise handling, we can transport it worldwide safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Airborne Operations provides rapid access to specialized fixed and rotary wing aircraft that are configured for aerial firefighting missions.

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Aerial Surveillance

Our fixed and rotary wing aircraft can be configured to support missions requiring manned and un-manned, non-combat aerial surveillance.

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